Safety and quality

As a pharmaceutical business in the Nordics, we have a responsibility towards patients, pharmacies, and hospitals. At Paranova, we never compromise on quality. Being in  Denmark, Finland and handling well over 800 different products in several international locations, means a need for strict quality procedures and documentation on every action taken.


Our team secures quality in every step

Our local regulatory team has more than 15 experts, all with a medical background who ensure that all the right procedures are followed in every step from notifying the original manufacturer, through licensing, repackaging, patient information leaflet, controls and production to the release on the national market. During the production, we perform quality control of each batch, and furthermore, we make audits on suppliers, repackaging, storage, and transport contractors.


Apply to all EU regulations

All Paranova products correspond to those that are distributed by multinational pharmaceutical companies in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden and are under constant scrutiny by the responsible national Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices. To guarantee the safety and quality of the medicinal products, Paranova Group A/S and MPA Pharma Group have worked closely with trusted suppliers in EU countries for years and have performed qualification of suppliers before the products are delivered. Furthermore, Paranova Group A/S and its affiliates are audited every second year by the national authorities.


Big network means big advantages in safety

The collaboration in the MPA Pharma group streamlines procedures, and we benefit from their investment in a modern refrigerated warehouse of 1,000 square meters. Here, large quantities of reimported and parallel imported medicinal products are repackaged, a process during which the cold chain may not be interrupted. We are always ready to meet the new requirements of the European Commission.


National laws and European guidelines

All EU medicinal products produced for Paranova by MPA Pharma GmbH comply with the relevant national drug law or the requirements of the European Medicines Agency. For Paranova products, every single step in the production process conforms to both good manufacturing practices (GMP) and the legal requirements of the applicable national regulations. Our GMP-compliant quality management system is an important tool that enables us to safeguard the required quality of our products. We monitor and document all steps of the process, from researching new EU pharmaceuticals right through to the delivery of every single pharmaceutical product in pristine condition.

Our medicinal products are delivered in line with good distribution practices (GDP) and legal requirements of the applicable national regulations. Our specialized logistic partners ensure that strict temperature control is maintained for our pharmaceuticals right through to delivery. The vehicles constantly monitor the exact temperature throughout transportation.