Working at Paranova

At Paranova we embrace diversity and have employees of multiple nationalities, different religions, ages and a lot of languages and backgrounds. This creates the ideal environment for a modern, open-minded, dynamic and international organization, where ideas can flow freely due to an open organizational structure, where everybody is welcome to give their inputs.


Be trusted and work your profile

As an employee at Paranova, you will find a lot of freedom with responsibility. You have the possibilities to work with a lot of different tasks, if you want. We trust each other to work committed and agile, and the focus is always on improving performance and get the best prices and products. Our employees have the chance to follow the entire process of each product, which gives a different kind of commitment as well as a broader set of skills and possibilities.
Hence you will be involved in a lot of decisions, be responsible for more products and have more influence on both your daily work and the way you want to develop your profile.


We are proud of what we do

Reducing medical costs is essential to us. Obviously, we are in business as well, but when our actions at the same time have a higher purpose, it gives a particular kind of dedication. We take pride in, what we did today, and strive to make it even better tomorrow thus creating room for new exciting dynamics and possibilities.


Work/life balance in a modern company

As a modern international company, we provide the setting for a good work/life balance. Should one need to work from home one day, we have the technical set-up to make it happen without problems. Hours are flexible as well, as long as we are committed to our work and think as one family helping each other out in both the short and the long run. Because, as much as we need happy employees, we also need to create results together.