At Paranova we engage in the society around us. Besides reducing the costs of pharmaceuticals, we are also involved in other activities to help communities in need and to reduce our CO2 footprint.


"Enable for life"

Enable is an NGO with approximately 450 members from seven different countries. Enables primary goal is to create a better life for children in developing countries by providing them with necessities: A mother, a family, a home, education, medical help, love, safety and prospects. Through the Enable sponsorship, Paranova is currently helping to build a house for seven orphan girls and their foster-mother in Tranquebar in South-eastern India. The house is situated in a little Enable village - consisting of five houses with common areas. Read more here


We embrace diversity

At Paranova we embrace diversity and have employees of multiple nationalities, different religions, ages and a lot of languages and backgrounds. This creates the ideal environment for a modern, open-minded, dynamic and international organization, where ideas can flow freely due to an open organizational structure, where everybody is welcome to give their inputs.


Reducing our CO2 footprint

We have a lot of transportation in our international line of business, and this is hard on the environment. We have, therefore, worked on our routes and the fill rate, reducing the distance from 2564 km to 2459 km and increasing the fill rate from 54% to 96%. Overall, the amount of wasted fuel is reduced from 196,5 liters to 21,3 liters pr. route, reducing our CO2 footprint considerably.