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"Paranova's mission is to provide quality pharmaceuticals at competitive prices"


Corporate Values

For the Paranova Group it is essential that all employees and managers share the same basic attitude about being a part of the company. It is our shared values that make it possible to achieve our objectives and fulfil the mission and vision of the company.

Our basis values are the prerequisites for building a good team and an attractive workplace. Moreover, the values create an awareness for our employees of how to act and make decisions.


Our values were created in a proces, in which our employees were an important source and inspiration. 

  1. Our commitment to service is based on co-operation, personal responsibility and professionalism
  2. We act quickly, but never compromise on quality
  3. One Company – One Team
  4. We see change as an opportunity
  5. We embrace diversity
  6. We listen
  7. Our interactions are open and respectful
  8. We never give up