“Paranova is playing an important part in stimulation competition in the pharmaceutical market.” Erik B. Pfeiffer
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Parallel distributed original quality products

Paranova buys pharmaceuticals from licensed wholesalers in virtually every country in the EU/EES. To be able to market these products in the country of destination the parallel importer must be provided with a marketing authorization – one license for each product and each country of origin. We normally ensure that we have marketing authorization to import from several countries. Should supply problems arise in one country, we are able to buy the product from another country to fill the market’s needs.

The staff of Regulatory Affairs prepares and maintains marketing authorizations for the national regulatory authorities and the European Medicines Agency (EMEA). Package information in local language(s) is frequently updated. Packaging is professionally tailored to each Paranova country.

Paranova Pack A/S in Denmark performs necessary repackaging for all Paranova markets.
There must be no doubt that products supplied by Paranova are parallel distributed original quality products.